What is team future? What is an incubator?

In few words, we are an union of students with different cultures, visions and state of minds. Here is our first strength. However, we share the same goal : to create and to develop.

This is the main quality that an entrepreneur must have nowadays.

What's more, we consider that there is no "perfect time" to create or launch a business. That's why, even if we all are students in Entrepreneurship at Westminster Business School, we also have the willingness to develop our businesses.

Besides, our other strength is to be part and from the 2.0 generation. That's why, our vision and businesses are largely influenced by social networks, new technologies and new way of consuming.

As young entrepreneurs and young adults, we have a different eyesight on the traditional economy. We have been raised by the sharing economy, by the new structures and thus the current economic transition.

This is why, we have decided to launch our own incubator. We wanted to create a business area managed by ourselves. By students for students.

This is therefore Team Future. A team of students, with various backgrounds, but reunited by the same learning objectives. Here is our message. Here is our work.

Working with traditional structures, rejuvenate them and giving them external standpoints is our current business model.

Beside of our respective businesses, we therefore propose a consulting and managing service. Our diversity and youth are our forces and strengths.

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