The Power of Visualisation

Everyone has dreams and goals in life they wish to achieve whether it as small as buying a house or as big as being your own boss and running your own business empire. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the dream alive because life can be very challenging and there will be many setbacks.

There are many different motivational and inspirational techniques all over and but this technique spoke to me, what I suggest in this article today is not a new technique it has been tried and tested many times over and that is visualisation.

Visualisation is a mind exercising technique that encompasses the law of attraction, it is used to visualise goals are in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth, health etc.

I personally believe in the law of attraction, which is a theory that states by focusing on the positive or negative thoughts a person can bring/attract them into their life and by combining that with visualisation which should be a physical product in front of you, you are encouraging your dreams and goals to enter your life.

When people use vision boards it allows them to see their dreams/goals in person instead of just thoughts and as thoughts goals are easier to forget and the goals becomes memories. (It is recommended to have the board in a spot you will see every day).

Many successful people recommend this technique some of whom personally inspire me such as Steve Harvey or Orpah Winfrey and they talk about how it worked and continues to work for them as they work on their goals, Oprah has an interview with Jim Carrey demonstrating this technique in full force (which is in the link below).

I do not believe this technique will work overnight and things will not just come to you but I do believe that alongside hard work, using visualisation will be very beneficial in keeping you motivated and inspired to achieve your future goals, the board is supposed to be a representative of how you feel it can be changed and adjusted as you do, but having a physical product that you created and you designed for your destiny I believe will be one of the most beneficial and inspiring projects that you could complete for your future.

Courteney Mclune-Calvin

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